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Operation Longevity™: A Mindful Approach to Wellness and Resilience for the Law Enforcement Professional in the 21st Century is a textbook written specifically for any law enforcement officer or federal agent who works in the profession today.

There exists throughout society a constant threat of danger, hostility, and animosity towards the men and women who took an oath to protect and serve the community.

The landscape of the law enforcement profession has evolved from a road with bumps along the way to a terrain filled with landmines. Stress becomes a constant companion for the individual, often at times wreaking havoc on the physical, psychological and emotional well-being of the person.

Operation Longevity™ offers the necessary tools, in a user-friendly approach, to the law enforcement professional to better adapt and effectively cope with much of the stress experienced within the profession. The goal of this book and the Operation Longevity™ educational program is to enable the person to live a more healthy, happy, and sustainable life while working in the law enforcement field and to continue well beyond their retirement years.



Operation Longevity™ Personal Journal provides the reader and participant with interactive activities that follow the philosophy of the textbook Operation Longevity™.

Throughout the Journal process, the reader will gain insight to a greater understanding of the practice and application of mindfulness and meditation.

In addition, the participant will begin to personally learn new life skills guiding them on a journey to a more fulfilled existence. As a person integrates these new learned techniques into both their professional and personal life, they can begin to apply them when interacting with their colleagues, family members and loved ones.

The goal for the individual working with Operation Longevity™ Personal Journal is to create a solid foundation in the practice of mindful awareness, to develop greater personal Resilience, and to learn to put into action the principals by which to live a happier life.


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Operation Longevity™ Personal Stories and Meditations is a compilation of stories by law enforcement professionals. Following each story, there is a one- minute meditation that encompasses the theme of that particular story. These stories tell extraordinary courage of those in law enforcement who have experienced challenges because of the profession.

This book is a testament to all law enforcement professionals. It is a testament to their courage to cope with the challenges of our job. It is the testament to those individuals who have suffered and continue to suffer because of the job.

The one-minute meditations can be used to help you through the process of empowerment. They were written by the authors in order to reflect the theme of Operation Longevity and it’s accompanying Personal Journal.

The stories are in each law enforcement professionals’ own words, describing their feelings and concerns. We thank them and recognize that this is a sign of hope and that the spirit of law enforcement will survive.

Operation Longevity is a new venture aimed at improving the lifestyles of law enforcement so that we, as a community, can become the best we can be.


21 Day "Call to Action" Coin Challenge

Dr. Killeen presents a straightforward, simple method for law enforcement officers (and anyone else wise enough to take the challenge) to develop a healthy resilience and create a happy life. In twenty-one mindful days, you, too, can change your life. I wish I had this early in my career…but it’s never too late to start.”

~ Gerard P. McAleer, Chief of County Detectives (retired), Middlesex County NJ DEA Special Agent in Charge (retired), New Jersey Division

The 21 Day Challenge is a great way to jump start and focus your effort to become a better you, both inside and out. Take the Challenge!!!”

~ Lt. James Gruenfelder, Suffolk County Police Department
1st Vice President Suffolk County Superior Officers Association

Today, the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of police officers is paramount for survival in this stressful profession. Operation Longevity provides attainable strategies to address these concerns in helping to become a better you. I recommend this book to anyone who believes in the power of self-improvement and change.”

~ Chief Paul M. Cell
2018/19 President, International Association of Chiefs of Police

Police work presents all of us with stress, distress, and challenges that can feel overwhelming at times. “Operation Longevity’s 21 Day Call to Action Challenge” provides a blueprint to a happier life and is chicken soup for the heart, mind, and soul.”

~ Michael J. Palladino, President, Detectives’ Endowment Association, Inc.

21 Day Coin Challenge Book Cover

Operation Longevity’s ‘21 Day Call to Action’ Challenge” is all about personal development and change. What Dr. Killeen has given to all of law enforcement is a simple, easy to follow program, accomplishing important lifestyle changes, and enabling the participant to begin leading a more healthy and productive life. I’ve been a police officer for over 25 years and a PBA Representative for almost 20, and I believe we should encourage every member of the department to be proactive with their well-being and take the Challenge.

~ Frank Conti, 1st Vice President
Port Authority Police Benevolent Association Port Authority of NY & NJ Police Department

The Operation Longevity 21 Day Challenge is another great tool available in our self-help toolbox. Take the Challenge! The life you save this time might be your own.”

~ Patrick Colligan
President, New Jersey State Policemen›s Benevolent Association


“Operation Longevity™ Changes the Person, the Person Then Changes the World”.

Please contact Dr. Killeen  directly to schedule training, public speaking or coaching, or to discuss a customized program for your organization.

Dr. Killeen

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