Operation Longevity

“Operation Longevity™ Changes the Person, the Person Then Changes the World.”

What is Operation Longevity?

Operation Longevity™ is a call to integrate the practice of mindfulness, meditation and resilience into one’s daily lifestyleIt seeks to encourage and guide every participant through a process, by teaching techniques on how to embrace simple, user-friendly steps to achieve balance in life.

The Operation Longevity™ Challenge is a program built on the principle of taking small, mindful steps to help improve overall health, wellbeing and positive outlook on life. The goal of the program is to provide every individual with an opportunity to engage in positive lifestyle changes, leading to a paradigm shift from negative external stressors, to the development of positive internal coping mechanisms for greater resilience.

Mindfulness and meditation practices have become recognized and accepted as being extremely beneficial across all industries and walks-of-life for promoting and encouraging a lifestyle of resilience in the workplace and daily life.


Operation Longevity is a timely program to help law enforcement professionals gain vital tools for their personal self-care that will result in enhanced physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

This 21 Day Challenge is the first step toward a path to look within and begin a journey that will bring to the participant positive and lasting impact.

The 21 Day Challenge Covers:

  • Physical Self-Care
  • Psychological Self-Care
  • Spiritual Self-Care
  • And More!

 The 21 Day Challenge is designed as the first step of your journey to guide you through simple, small practices yielding powerful, sustainable and large gains.


“Operation Longevity™ Changes the Person, the Person Then Changes the World.”

Peter Killeen

Dr. Peter J. Killeen

AUTHOR, Educator, Trainer

Peter J. Killeen received his Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University, Arlington, VA. He completed a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Loyola College, Baltimore, Maryland, and a Masters in Theological Studies from The Washington Theological Union, Silver Spring, Maryland.

A former police officer with the Port Authority of NY & NJ Police Department, Peter has worked as a police psychotherapist with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Unions, as well as an Assistant Ombudsmen, an Employee Equal Opportunity Mediator and Wellness Counselor for The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives since the early 1990’s.

He was involved extensively with the rescue and recovery efforts following the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center followed by years of trauma counseling provided to the First Responders.

He recently authored four books for the law enforcement professional on ways to personally integrate mindfulness, resilience, and meditation into daily life in order to live a more sustainable healthy lifestyle. The Operation Longevity textbook works in tandem with the Operation Longevity Personal Journal. Recently, the Operation Longevity Personal Stories and Meditations book was released.

Dr. Killeen has presented extensively throughout the country to law enforcement agencies and academies on topics dealing with the impact of law enforcement stress, the physiology of stress on the body, the integration and importance of the recognition of the mind-body connection and recognizing the benefits of living a more balanced life through wellness and resilience.

“Operation Longevity™ Changes the Person, the Person Then Changes the World”.

Please contact Dr. Killeen  directly to schedule training, public speaking or coaching, or to discuss a customized program for your organization.

Dr. Killeen

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