Operation Longevity offers anyone in law enforcement the essential tools to manage what Peter Killeen and Susan Shapiro refer to as law enforcement’s constant companion – stress – and the toll it takes on those in law enforcement and their families. ‘Operation Longevity’ provides thoughtful, practical tips and strategies for improving mindfulness and resiliency skills, as if it were the ‘missing manual’ that every graduate from a law enforcement academy should receive. It is one of the few opportunities that those in law enforcement can get sound advice on managing stress from someone who has been there and understands the stigma and challenges of seeking help.
Jim Burch
Vice President, The Police Foundation (Washington, DC)

Dr. Peter Killeen is dedicated and knowledgeable about police officers and the unique stresses they face. Killeen and Shapiro address issues in Operation Longevity which have remained in the shadows for far too long, and they provide a game plan and blueprint for dealing with and assisting the brave men and women who serve and protect our country.
Congressman Pete King (R-NY Ret.)

Operation Longevity offers the global law enforcement profession, connected through a shared reality of the threat, traumatic exposure, and stress, a judicious and accessible roadmap toward individual and organizational wellness.
Dominic Kelly
Northern Ireland Prison Service

Operation Longevity should be the go-to guide for every law enforcement professional to live a more healthy, resilient, and sustainable life. Killeen and Shapiro have an intimate understanding of the many stressors that affect every man and woman who has taken an oath to protect and serve the public and who put their lives on the line each day out in the field. The material presented most assuredly needs to be incorporated into every new-recruit and in-service training throughout the country.
Paul Nunziato, President (Ret.)
The Port Authority of NY and NJ Police Benevolent Association

Operation Longevity has captured the blueprint for wellness, resiliency, and mindfulness necessary for the law enforcement professionals facing demanding challenges in this profession.
Margaret Moore
Chair, Board of Directors for Women in Federal Law Enforcement

Operation Longevity is a blueprint for law enforcement wellness. Dr. Killeen and Ms. Shapiro’s work will have an impact on the many aspects, perceptions, and insights into mental health, resiliency, and personal well-being. This is a must-read for all law enforcement academies, as well as in-service training centers.
Michael ‘Mick’ McHale, President
NAPO The National Association of Police Organizations

Mind, body, spirit and the courage to lose the stigma of being a well-rounded person of purpose …. it is all here. Follow the steps and it cleanses the soul. If I had this 25 years ago it would have been a game-changer! Never too late to be the best you.
John R. Former Special Operator Seal Team 3

Killeen’s and Shapiro’s ‘Operation Longevity’ provides police professionals with tools that can help them better deal with the pressures and stresses of their jobs for themselves, their families and the communities they protect.
Patrick J. Lynch
President, The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association of the City of New York

The Operation Longevity 21 Day Challenge is another great tool available in our self-help toolbox. Take the Challenge! The life you save this time might be your own.
Patrick Colligan, President
New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association

Today, the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of police officers is paramount for survival in this stressful profession.  Operation Longevity provides attainable strategies to address these concerns in helping to become a better you.  I recommend this book to anyone who believes in the power of self-improvement and change.
Chief Paul M. Cell President (2018/19)
International Association of Chiefs of Police

I truly hope that law enforcement professionals from local, state, and federal agencies will learn from others’ experiences and work together with the use of this well-written book. Operation Longevity is a guide to a healthy, happy and successful future in law enforcement.
Joyce Ryan
Mother of a Deceased Special Agent

With the vision of Steve Jobs and the heart of Saint Francis of Assisi, Dr. Killeen has pioneered Operation Longevity, which emphasizes practical, realistic strategies for stress and trauma resilience; how honored we were to have him model so gracefully this approach when we needed it the most.
Katrina Masterson
Wellness and EAP Manager, ATF, retired

Peter Killeen is the genuine article. He has an understanding and commitment to the law enforcement professional that is rare, at best. The fundamentals set forth by Dr. Killeen and Susan Shapiro in ‘Operation Longevity’ are indispensable to today’s law enforcement professionals. It has the power to save lives and help the countless numbers of our brothers and sisters who may otherwise, unnecessarily continue to suffer in silence.
MSG Dieter Koelling, (US Army Special Forces, Ret.)

Operation Longevity is a testament to Dr. Killeen’s dedication to law enforcement professionals and civilians alike. I was forced to Operation Longevity as a scared 20yr. old Detective involved in a critical incident. Peter reached out to me and assured me everything would be alright. He was right and I was thankful that someone had the foresight to know that I needed Operation Longevity when I did not. Eight years later I showed up again at Operation Longevity’s door. Desperately looking for help in dealing with another critical incident. Without a doubt, I am alive today because of Peter and Operation Longevity. In a time when my world was ravaged by war. I found peace through Operation Longevity. Any officer not taking this course is just like going out on patrol without your vest and gun! Operation Longevity saves lives!!
Detective Bart Vallaro. (Retired)

Operation Longevity is a brilliant and timely approach to teaching ‘Self-Care’ for the real American Heroes- our law enforcement professionals. It is thorough, and thoughtful, and stands out as a testimonial to resiliency-based training. More importantly, it is evident that Peter’s experiences have given him the ‘street creds’ that law enforcement officers can readily embrace.  In the words of one of our police officer clients, ‘If you haven’t been there and done it, you just don’t know.’  It’s that simple. Peter has been there and done it.

Killeen and Shapiro provide officers with the vital tools for self-care that, when utilized, will result in physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  ‘Responsibility for people’ is an occupational demand for law enforcement officers.  ‘Operation Longevity’ teaches officers how to take on the responsibility of caring for themselves. While in training, officers are taught that their first and most important job is to come home at the end of their shift.  ‘Operation Longevity’ will help them return home ‘whole’ at the end of their careers.
Beverly J. Anderson, PhD
Clinical Director/Administrator
Metropolitan Police Employee Assistance Program (MPEAP) Washington, DC

This is high-speed Mindfulness for the next generation of law enforcement professionals. It takes the insights of mindfulness, wellness, and resiliency and strips them down to their most essential components. It’s not an advice book but a simple guide to managing your life. It’s short, it’s sharp, and it’s self-directed.
Kristina Jones MD
Former Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, NYU School of Medicine

Dr. Killeen and Ms. Shapiro have taken many important concepts from psychology and medicine including behavioral strategies, mindfulness, exercise, nutrition, spiritual health and developed a fine primer on self-care for law enforcement professionals. I strongly recommend Operation Longevity as a must-read for law enforcement professionals at any stage in their career.
Frank G. Dowling, MD Medical Director
Long Island Mind and Body Medicine Group Consultant to POPPA, NYPD


The title says it all…Longevity. This book is a step-by-step guide on having it all…a long career and your health when you choose to retire. This is a must-read work for all of law enforcement.
George S. Everly, Jr., Ph.D., ABPP, FAPM, FAPA 
Dept. of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences – The John’s Hopkins School of Medicine

Peter Killeen has dedicated his life to helping our law enforcement professionals. Operation Longevity gives a unique insight into the personal and professional challenges law enforcement faces on a daily basis. He and Ms. Shapiro provide a realistic and practical approach to maintaining a healthy balance towards a sustainable lifestyle.
Joseph Kauper
Police Officer and a United States Marine Corps Veteran