Beverly J. Anderson, PhD

Operation Longevity is a brilliant and timely approach to teaching ‘Self-Care’ for the real American Heroes- our law enforcement professionals. It is thorough, thoughtful, and stands out as a testimonial to resiliency-based training. More importantly, it is evident that Peter’s experiences have given him the ‘street creds’ that law enforcement officers can readily embrace.  In the words of one of our police officer clients, ‘If you haven’t been there and done it, you just don’t know’.  It’s that simple. Peter has been there and done it.

Killeen and Shapiro provide officers with the vital tools for self-care that, when utilized, will result in physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  ‘Responsibility for people’ is an occupational demand for law enforcement officers.  ‘Operation Longevity’ teaches officers how to take on the responsibility of caring for themselves. While in training, officers are taught that their first and most important job is to come home at the end of their shift.  ‘Operation Longevity’ will help them return home ‘whole’ at the end of their careers.

Clinical Director/Administrator

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