Dr. Peter Killeen, creator of the Operation Longevity™ book series and educational services and presentations, has an extensive history of speaking throughout the country on issues related to Wellness, Resilience and Mindfulness. He is regarded as an innovator in bringing these topics to the law enforcement community. In addition, Peter recognizes that “stigma” represents the major impediment for law enforcement professionals to engage in the counseling process. Once we can effectively address the issue of “stigma,” we will then begin to witness a decrease in the number of law enforcement suicides, according to Dr. Killeen.

In addition to the Operation Longevity™ books, Dr. Killeen has created the “Operation Longevity 21 Day ‘Call to Change’ Coin Challenge™.” This challenge is based on scientific research demonstrating that when repeated random acts of kindness are performed the brain’s chemistry elicits a more positive view of life.

Services Tailored to Law Enforcement

Mental health is a sensitive topic and one that is often not openly discussed within law enforcement. It’s a fact that must change, however, if we are to overcome the stigma of mental illness and create an environment in which law enforcement professionals can work and receive help.

Dr. Killeen is working to overcome the problems throughout the law enforcement profession created by stigma, while fostering health and healing among law enforcement professionals. Drawing upon his own experiences as a police officer, a Franciscan friar and mental health clinician, he continues to break down barriers to help empower law enforcement personnel at all levels—from police recruit to administrator, academy to federal government—with the understanding, knowledge and self-awareness they need to incorporate into their daily lives in order to create positive change within themselves and their profession.

Services provided by Dr. Killeen include, but are not limited to the following:


Full or half-day courses are available for new recruits/agents and seasoned professionals. These can focus on the fundamentals of wellness, mindfulness, suicide awareness and prevention, self-care or meditation depending upon the needs of the audience. The Operation Longevity™ textbook and Operation Longevity™ Personal Journal supplements classroom instruction.

Public Speaking

Presentations are tailored to the client/audience and can cover any aspect of wellness, awareness and resiliency.

One-on-One Coaching

Individual coaching is available for members of the law enforcement community who would like to improve their overall wellness or address specific concerns within their personal or professional life.

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