Designed by and for Law Enforcement

Operation Longevity™ aims to improve the lifestyle of law enforcement professionals so that we, as a community, can become the best we can be.

The program is founded on the principles of mindfulness and meditation, which are lauded across all industries and walks of life for their ability to reduce stress, enhance performance, heighten insight and promote a lifestyle of resilience.

Operation Longevity encourages participants to “learn by doing.” Individual, partner and group exercises facilitate skill mastery by enabling participants to practice the resilience skills and identify strategies for immediate application in their personal and professional lives.

Designed by and for Law Enforcement

COVID-19 (Corona virus) Fallout Recovery

COVID-19 (coronavirus) has brought an unprecedented level of stress, anxiety and fear to the world of first responders. Beyond their own concerns for the health and safety of their families and themselves at this time, first responders are being asked to also respond to the elevated concerns of the people within their community.

This can often lead to exhaustion and “Secondary Trauma,” which is also known as “Compassion Fatigue.” Operation Longevity is available to provide tips, advice and counseling to help first responders manage the pressures being placed on them as a result of this pandemic, and to help them achieve overall wellness and resiliency.

Operation Longevity "Train the Trainer" Toolkit

A necessary resource for certified Operation Longevity trainers and trainees, this toolkit includes:

  • All four of the Operation Longevity books
  • A 21-Day Call to Action Coin
  • 21-Day Challenge Certificate of Completion
  • Train the Trainer Certificate of Completion

Cost: $144.95 plus shipping and handling:
(a package savings of $5)

Departments are encouraged to purchase this toolkit for all their members. Volume discounts are available for purchases of 25 or more toolkits

Public Speaking

Presentations are tailored to the client/audience and can cover any aspect of wellness, awareness and resiliency.

Operation Longevity "Train the Trainer" Program

Through this program, a small group of law enforcement professionals will work with one of our certified trainers—or Dr. Killeen if requested—to learn the key concepts of Operation Longevity so that they, in turn, can teach others. This approach promises a tremendous return on investment for the department and local government. Particularly when you consider that each law enforcement professional who is certified through the Train the Trainer Program can impart that knowledge to countless others.

Components of the Train the Trainer Program:

  • One full day (8 hours) of on-site, private instruction in the Operation Longevity approach with a certified trainer or Dr. Killeen if requested. The size of the department will determine the number of individuals who should be trained
  • A Train the Trainer manual which is used during the training session and includes the resources and practical guidance needed to learn the Operational Longevity process
  • All four of the Operation Longevity books

Cost: Please contact us to discuss further.