The Infidel Factor

The Infidel Factor


Young Shawn Brooks ducked quickly into the darkened church, escaping the early morning rain and mist. Startled by the eerie cold silence and shadowed reflections of Halloween-like figures dancing ominously upon the cement walls of the cavernous building, he proceeded quickly down the aisle, frightened by the sound of his heels clicking on the floor. In the sacristy, he dressed in his cassock and surplice to serve the five-thirty mass. The priest, already dressed, had his back to Shawn. As he turned to greet the altar boy, he grinned with a sinister and sardonic smile. The villainous priest bowed and prayed toward Mecca. He was on a mission of mercy for Allah. He was on a mission against the infidels. His task was to kill the Pope in one of the most public arenas and unleash a plague in the homeland of the Great Satan.

Father Dylan Aloysius McFeely, a former NYPD Detective First Grade, now a Franciscan priest and member of the Order of Friars Minor based in New York City, realizes that the plague crippling the city and the threat to the Pontiff’s life are all part of the same plot. What becomes even more troubling for McFeely is he now knows that the sleeper agents represent themselves as people within the clergy.

Time is running out for McFeely. The race is on!

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