Operation Longevity™ Personal Journal

In order to effectively serve the public and maintain stability in today’s frequently adverse law enforcement environment, professionals in this field must don their “protective armor” and learn to insulate themselves psychologically, physically, and spiritually. The “Operation Longevity Personal Journal” helps readers create a solid foundation in the practice of mindfulness, develop greater personal resiliency, and learn to put into action the principals by which to live a happier life. It does this by providing the reader with interactive activities that follow the philosophy introduced in the Operation Longevity textbook.

Throughout the journal process, readers will gain a greater understanding of mindfulness and begin to learn new life skills that lead to a more fulfilled existence. As participants become comfortable with these skills, they can apply them in their personal and professional lives. With time and practice, law enforcement professionals will be able to instinctively chose the correct approach to personal and professional challenges, thereby ensuring self-survival, increased resiliency, healthier relationships and a more sustainable lifestyle.

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